A lot of business owners struggle with this. Building the trust you need with a company is hard when all you hear are prices with a ton of extra zeros at the end and turnaround times that could outlive your cat. But when it comes down to it, you should have a professional build your website.

Would you build your own house?

Some of you answered yes, but for the sake of the point I am trying to make let’s pretend you have no idea how so you answered no. Do you think construction workers begin building anything without plans in hand? A web designer is kind of like an architect. You’ve seen those large graphing tables with grid paper laying across it? Web designers use something similar to this called a 960 grid. A proper web designer lays out in images what your website is going to look like before they begin to code it. A professional web designer will continue to do this until you are completely satisfied with what you see, and if they do not then you are not working with the right company.

If it breaks do you throw it away?

A huge reason people who don’t create websites for a living will give up mid-project is because if something doesn’t work they get frustrated and give up. Personally, I have probably created over two dozen personal websites and three dozen personal blogs for myself within my lifetime. I have given up halfway through all of these projects because they ended up not looking or working the way I wanted them to. But for a professional web designer, it’s a completely different story. A professional web designer will chug anywhere between 8-96 ounces of a caffeinated beverage of their choice, hunch over in a position that could bring a chiropractor to their knees, and tweak every strand of coding just a little bit until it does exactly what it’s supposed to.

Do you have the time?

There is much more to a proper website than people may think. It starts from the ground up. Picture it like a new building. You have to build the foundation, then the framing, plastering, dry walling, painting, carpeting, windows, doors, etc. Only after you have all of the actual building constructed, you have to fill it with furniture and interior design, and then with people. A website is not unlike this. In a world where content is king and design is key, building a website is nothing short of a daunting and meticulous task. Content without design would be like trying to read Harry Potter off of the original napkins J.K. Rowling had first written it on.

Do you have the patience?

If there is one thing that is more unpredictable than a toddler at a restaurant, it’s the internet. You could have constructed the most intergalactically stellar, universally and technologically advanced website that is nothing short of the Mona Lisa, just to open it in a different browser to discover you’ve only built the next Leaning Tower of Pisa. What happened?! Your content was prepared and displayed in clean lines and boxes and now it’s as if a bull has plowed through a China store!

In conclusion, I highly advise that unless you were a web designer in a previous life, you should choose to outsource this aspect of your business. Most agencies (such as Designed Advantage *shameless plug*) have individuals who are experienced designers that can help make your vision and dream a reality. This should cover everything from content to design to optimization. Avoid the struggle, the hassle, and the stress and let a professional make sure you look just as good online as you do in real life!


Source:  http://leelocal.com/why-you-should-have-a-professional-build-your-website/