In today’s business environment, a website is essential, but crafting just the right imagery, tone, and content can confuse and frustrate. There are countless choices for help in web design, each claiming to be the expert with the answers; in actuality, though, there are only a few truly superior resources, and one cannot afford to make a mistake!
Website Design
As a guide, we have developed the following
Bill of Rights
for our web clients.

  1. The right to turn money spent into a solid investment that aids in attaining business goals.
  2. The right to have a smartly designed web site that acts as a marketing platform rather than a digital brochure; this 21stcentury website should boast 21stcentury technology that not only draws prospects to “check out” a business but attracts, converts, closes and delights across the four pillars of modern marketing.
  3. The right to have a web site designed around the persona of the best buyer prospects. Hubspot, the leader in Inbound Marketing software, defines a buyer’s persona as a “semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.” This allows the marketing interface to be targeted to the best potential clients.
  4. The right to have a web site SEO-optimized toward target buyer personas to maximize opportunities for attracting ideal prospects. This process needs to be confirmed by third-party verification to confirm for our clients that the web design matches best practices of the industry.
  5. The right to have Call-to-Actions designed well, so that leads who visit the web site convert to prospects. This process automatically moves a web site guest from the top of the sales funnel to the middle of the funnel, all while obtaining information that can further the process of eventually making that guest a client.
  6. The right to have Call-to-Actions designed so that prospects convert into sales opportunities, where prospects seek to talk more specifically about how your business can help them obtain your specialized goods or services. What good is it to have leads visit a web site if one doesn’t build opportunities to convert them into clients?
  7. The right to have a well-developed strategy that is executable by you or a third party to delight your clients after they have bought. After all, the best future clients come from current raving fans.
  8. The right to have a solid strategy in place that enables the web site to work in the future to assist your company in meeting goals, year after year.

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